Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

The girls Papa and I went to our church for an Easter Egg hunt last saturday. We all had a great time but I think Mylee enjoyed the cookies the most. She is such a funny little thing never at 8 months old would we have given the other darlings a whole cookie to eat at one time.

Kaylee has been to an Egg Hunt before but she seemed a little overwhelmed with all the eggs laying in plain view so she would stand there looking at them saying "there's one" but before she would get it another child would run up and grap it, needless to say she only got ten eggs. Papa blamed me and said next year he would be her guide for the entire hunt. I just laughed but I really didn't think I should be helping her.

Mylee is wearing a new Bonnie Blue pattern Sydney the fabric is light green seersucker with rick rack trim the applique is Embroidery Boutique.

Kaylee's dress is also light green seersucker the pattern is the revised CC Charlotte it was trimmed down the right front with jumbo rick rack.

Papa is helping Kaylee find a few more eggs ssh don't tell him that he isn't suppose to hep.

They told the kids to make a funny face and of course they all did.