Monday, August 31, 2009

She sleeps , she sleeps not!!!

Don't let her fool you she it just playing opposum, I think Nonnie's sewing time has just got cut in half. Little miss Mylee is a little fussy and her mommy is starting back to work next week. She stayed with me alittle while this afternoon and she would fall asleep I would lay her down and those big blues would pop open and she would start her little fussy noise she makes till Nonnie picked her up again. Oh well I would rather be snuggling this precious one than sew any day.

Sewing Room Clean up

New chest for my patterns, it came from my son in law which is kind of a funny story, he purchased this when he was on base for a tv cabinet the funny part is it is a changing table/chest little did he know just a few short years later he might need a changing table. When they had the new baby she got all new furniture so I got the chest.

Everything is folded nicely oh how I wish I could keep it this way.

Well let's just say I have not been doing a good job staying organized this summer. So yesterday I decided to clean out my storage drawers, sort patterns and refold my stash. I work from early afternoon till late last night. I can say everything is in it's place!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mary De and Britches and Bloomer pants

The blouse is Children's Corner Mary De made out of brown and pink gingham, the pants are britches and bloomer's by Jackie Clark from finewhale pink corduroy trimmed with ric rack and monogram is from customwork-letter works font.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ragsland reproduction

I found a shirt on the Ragsland site that I really like it is called the Bertha blouse I think, so I sat out a few nights ago to reproduce it. So far I haven't got the look that I was going for but after posting on my sewing forum I think I might have a pattern that will work. This one is too full for my liking but will be fine for a dress for one of the girls. I am going to make a pair of pants from the cordury stripe to match.

Keeping the roads hot.

The last few days have really been flying by. Mom is home from Texas which is a good thing, but has required more of my so little free time. Today I carried her to the heart doctor and she got really sick while we were there the doc order some test and hopefully we will get the results quick. I have been doing some sewing at night and fabric shopping on the web too. I got several pieces of stretch knit that I am going to make up for the girls this fall. The girls and Natalie and me went to Billie's Heirlooms yesterday and I got some more fabric so I think we are good for awhile in the fabric department anyway.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall Fabrics and a few finished garments

Fall Fabric!! My favorite time of the year. The girls and I are already planning our trips to get apples, going to the fair in Cullman and of course the pumpkin patch. This year is going to be such fun now that the older two are bigger they will really enjoy themselves.

This pattern is CeCe by Children's Corner the knit came from Hobby Lobby and was on sale for just $3.99 a yard so here's a $4 dress. I really like a heavy weight knit but for the money I think it turned out cute.

These are the outfits that I blogged about a few days ago. The little gown is so sweet it is by OFB Embroidered Raglan Daygown. I think I will be making up several out of this pattern it went together in no time. I have a few pieces of stretch knit that I want to try it out on.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cupcake Helpers

She knows she's got to share but she is loving this cake mix.

Want to know how to make little girls happy? Tell them they can help Nonnie make cupcakes. Works everytime.

Kierstyn gets to add the oil

Meredith gets to had the egg whites.

Kaylee gets to add the water.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Picking up where they left off

Everybody put on your happy face Nonnie wants to take your piture, please.

More please! Kaylee's favorite breakfast gravy and biscuits.

Notice the untouch cantaloupe this child will not eat any fruit of any kind. But I never stop trying.

Looks like Meredith is enjoing her breakfast.

Kierstyn is back. Our baby is a big girl now.

Sisters - May they always be so sweet together

Kaylee and Mylee the Knox sisters, which seems so new to their mom and I we both never had a sister and we are looking forward to watch this relationship blossom. Kaylee is being very protective over her new little sister.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Meet my sewing and embroidery machines

This is my Brother NX 400 I purchased several years ago on the internet it has been a great machine I bought this machine and one for mom just days before you could no longer buy them from the web and this is my Baby Lock Ellegeo this is an embroidery-sewing machine that I use mostly for machine embroidery and machine appliques.

Sewing Projects 101

Today's game plan is to clean out fabric scraps from bins in sewing closet and move to the basement, cut out Meredith and Kaylee a CC Paulie for the Fall and finish up this project that was started several weeks ago set aside and forgotten about until today. I am going to monogram their last name initial on the top. The patterns I used are Bonnie Blue McKenna and Oliver S Puppet Show.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Isn't she the sweetest little thing you ever saw. She smells really good too!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer PJ's

The girls are wearing PJ's that I made. Meredith's is an adaption of a Simplicity pattern and Kaylee's is CC Paulie. The fabric is some flannel that I have had for quite of few years and pink gingham.

Sunday's new dresses

These are my sweet granddaughter's Meredith and Kaylee they are 3 and 2.5 years old. I have been working on these dresses for over a month and I finally finished them last night.