Thursday, April 28, 2011

Please Pray!

We had several tornadoes and straight line winds come thru Alabama yesterday. Several families have lost homes and business. But much worst there has been many who have losted their life and several still missing. It will be several days before we know the full effects of this storm. Kaylee is walking around with a flash light in her hand she want but it down, bless her heart she even slept holding onto it last night. We are fine just one tree damaged on our property. Our daughter's home is also fine. I haven't heard from Nathan and his family but with the situation like it is I probaly want. I am just praying that they are all safe and sound.  Knox's father lost his office building in downtown Cullman, they had just purchased and finished most of the remodeling. Kiery's family is also fine no damage to their property. We have a gas powered genarator going so we have some power right now. They are saying it may be weeks before all power is restored. Please pray for all who are suffering, It is a very sad day here in Alabama.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We had such a lovely day, first Church then we came home and ate a great lunch together and then hunted eggs with the girls. Mom came and stayed with us this weekend and the girls and I really enjoyed having her with us. Greg and I are so blessed to have such healthy happy girls. But even with all the joy that they bring us each holiday that comes around is so sad without our son and his family with us. We continue to pray daily that the Lord will bring them back to us.

Kaylee is the best big sister she loves her baby sister so much.

I made the girls dresses. They are made from Pima Cotton and smocked in white dmc. The collars, yokes and cuffs are piped with whipstitch piping the pattern is Collars Yoke Dress.

Ferbie had to show off his bunny ears and that smile on Kaylee's face is just too precious.

We really got hot outside finding all those eggs I was surprised how warm it was on Easter Sunday. I can't recall it being this warm in April here in Alabama, but I'm sure it has been.