Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time Really Can Go By Fast.

I have been really busy over the past few months, sewing and playing with those precious rovers. So sorry for the lapse in my post. An update, well the girls are growing up and changing everyday and Knox has become such a BOY! lol I do love him but boys are so different. He keeps us laughing and our guard up too! His right punch is a mean one! Kaylee has become so grown up acting, well for a 5 year old you know. She wants to help me cook and clean when she comes for a visit and always wants to sleep over. Now for our little gidget Mylee Jane words can't really explain it all you have to see her in action. We carried both the girls to see the Barons play the other night and by the 5th inning Poppie was ready to carry that little rover home. She kept giving us the thumbs up when she wouldn't do as she had been ask. Of course Kaylee was well behaved and so disappointed that we had to leave before it was over. Other news our garden has been so nice this year, Poppie put mulch around all the plants so everything has produced an aboundance of veggies. Oh yes I almost forgot we got a pool! The rovers love it and so do I. Kaylee is swimming like a fish, Mylee and Knox still are to young to take off their floaties but love it just the same. More sewing pics to come I promise and some garden pics too.