Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kaylee starts preschool

 Wow she will be 5 on September 13th!!! I just can't hardly believe my girls are all growing up old enough to go to school. Of course she isn't old enough to start public 5 yr old kindergarden so we are sending her to a private school. Her mommy is not sure yet if she will attend there next year or go into public school. Her outfit of course is made by me it is hard to tell in this picture but it is an apple print by Sally Henderson and a dot print by Amy Butler that I got on our last trip to the beach from TJ's fabric.

 This is such a sweet picture of them both. Kaylee is really loving to her baby sister, now on the other hand Mylee is such a little bugger, yes I said bugger. Their mom and I talk daily about this little rover and what we need to be doing to improve upon her endless activities of screaming, pitching fits, hitting others (doggy included) this is just one road that we haven't had to venture down so it's been a little rough for us all. Honestly is we didn't love her so much and she wasn't the cutest kid on earth we might just give her back to the stork. lol

This picture brought tears to my eyes, I love that she is getting to play and learn with other children but it is also bittersweet to leave her by herself with strangers and let her really be out by herself in this world away from her mommy and I. Taking care of my grandchildren while their moms work really has brought me closer to them than I think most grandparents get to be. I know she is in a great school with christian loving teachers but the nonnie in me wants her to stay safe in our arms and in our homes where we can protect her. Funny how I am having the same sadness that I had when her mommy started to preschool even thought I went with her, ( I taught two doors down in the 2yr old class).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Sewing

 Isn't he cute! He is going to be on a very cute jumper that friends Ashley and Emily are making for their little niece. Maybe I will get a picture to post later of the finished garment.

 Apples are coming in around here in the local orchards this would be the perfect outfit to wear on a field trip to one of the orchards. Pants are britches and bloomers sewing this time was done by Ashley and Emily, appliqued apple is from embroidery boutique.

 This top pattern is one I just drafted I loved how it turned out and so did my customer.

 Ruffle pants with added jumbo rick rac oh so cute!
Pillowcase jumper is available in 6 months to 10 yrs. Not a very good picture though, but it is really sweet on the child.