Sunday, January 17, 2010

It was a Monster Bash!

Mylee and Laken picked right up where they left off. It's hard to believe they are almost 6 & 7 months old now.
Laken looks a little taller in this picture but we stood them side by side and they are the same height.

Kaylee won the pen the candle on the cake game!

Caelynn loved the pinata candy!

Our happy Mylee isn't she so cute in her nonnie made outfit.

Carson the birthday boy admiring his new shirt, I was happy to see he like it.

Carson attacking the monster pinata his mommy did such a great job with his party.

What a handsome little man, you know it's been said that he and Mylee are kissing cousins.

Mylee was having such a great time!

Carson has on his monster shirt that I made him especially for his party he is such a little monster I could eat him up!

These last few photos were most of the party monsters minus a few that escaped before I could get their pictures it was a wild and fun afternoon. The food was great I didn't take a picture of the food table but we had 5 kinds of soups, cute cheese monster fingers sandwiches, and plenty of other goodies to eat.

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