Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our 29th Wedding Anniversary at Ross Bridge

On November 28, 2009 Greg and I celebrated 29 years of marriage together. Greg booked us a room at Renaissance at Ross Bridge it was more than just a room it was the junior suite I believe, but was just lovely. Several weeks ago papa was fishing on smith lake and a gentleman asked him for a small favor and papa was happy to help. He tried to pay him, but Greg refused and gave him his business card and he called later and offered him a discount on the hotel where he worked, turns out to be much bigger favor returned to Greg. We did pay some for the room but nothing near the actual cost and shortly after we checked into our room, he sent up a bottle of wine. Nice man helped papa give me a wonderful anniversary. Later in the afternoon he carried me to the movies (now papa just doesn't care for the movies and I love to go) we saw The Blind Side and we both enjoyed it. Then we went to dinner and back to the room. I slept like sleeping beauty I think the wine might have had something to do with that. We got up fairly early and went to IHOP for breakfast that was really good too. I want to carry the grandchildren there on day in the summer so they can enjoy the wonderful pool area, we have stayed several times in Florence at the Marriott on the Shoals but I think Ross Bridge has my vote as the best placed we've stayed in years. We are kind of hotel snobs you can say, once you stay in a Marriott resort everything else is like a motel 6. God has really blessed us over our 29 years together I hope we get 29 more years too, that will only make us 75 yrs old who knows we just might make it too!